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Benefits of Drug Testing

According to the Centers for Disease Control, yes, the one taking the charge of the pandemic, one out of every ten Americans utilizes illegal substances. Illicit drug use severely hinders an individual's ability to function and, in many situations, can lead to long-term addiction or regular use. Because of the heightened and severe danger of on-the-job accidents and injuries, illicit drug use poses a particularly significant risk for people at work. Both companies and employees can use drug testing to make the workplace a safer and more productive environment. If you are looking to administer such a test, make sure to check out the Wondfo drug test cup. Here are three reasons why drug testing at work is necessary:

Encourages a Secure Workplace

Drug usage at work has a number of negative consequences for employees' safety:

  • Decision-making difficulties
  • Reaction time is reduced.
  • Rise in accident rates.

Alcohol and drug use while at work impairs users' judgement and can result in twice as many workers' compensation claims. Only those workers who have demonstrated that they are not using or abusing drugs are allowed to operate heavy gear or handle sensitive workplace information.

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Boost in productivity and efficiency

Full-time workers who use drugs on a regular basis have been shown in studies to be significantly less productive. As a result of this,

  • Morale gets low
  • Absenteeism

According to a survey performed by the Society for Human Resource Management and the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association, drug testing programs enhanced productivity for one out of every five businesses. Drug testing programs appear to prevent high employee absenteeism as well. Employees will also be aware that the organisation is committed to creating a safe working environment, which will boost morale.

Employer Costs are Reduced

Employers profit from drug testing in two ways:

  • Employees' costs are reduced.
  • Encourages a positive work environment.

Conducting pre-employment drug screens is an excellent approach for businesses to cut down on costly attrition due to drug use. People who have worked three or more jobs in the last five years are twice as likely to use illegal substances, according to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence. Furthermore, having a well-publicized drug-free workplace policy fosters a pleasant work environment, making your company a desirable place to work.

The advantages of drug testing considerably outweigh the expenditures. Because of the increased safety and productivity, as well as the absence of drugs in the workplace, employees are in a healthier, safer, and more happy atmosphere. Simply mentioning that your organization conducts drug tests is generally enough to deter drug users from applying.

Testing for Covid

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