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Rapid Test Kits- Effective Tools for Detecting Alcohol and Pregnancy

Nowadays, you can see that technology is touching new heights. Everything that seemed to be impossible yesterday is already existing with regularly new advancements. Every piece of tech, no matter how big or small has helped to better human lives at every stage. Rapid test kits are a tiny example of those technological evolution.

Alco Screen Alcohol Saliva Test

Everyone is well-familiar with the adverse effects of drug and alcohol consumption on one’s body and mind. Sometimes, these things can go unnoticed in a civilized environment, and the consequences can be severe over a while. It might result in the individual losing touch with reality, reduced motivation and productivity, depression, and many physical issues. That’s why some solutions exist, such as the Alco Screen Alcohol Saliva Test that can help one confirm if their loved one is suspected of substance abuse.

What is Alco Screen, and How Does It Help?

Alco Screen is an effective and highly-sensitive way to determine the presence of alcoholic substances in an individual’s system using their saliva. It detects and provides an approximate measure of blood alcohol level. The simple reason is that the saliva alcohol concentration is very close to the blood alcohol one, and thus, it gives more accuracy than the breathing test. Alco Screen Alcohol Saliva Test is cost-effective and provides accurate results within a few minutes.

Place the reagent strip in the mouth for about 15 seconds. The saliva alcohol strip will produce a color; match it with the closest color in chart to determine the alcohol level.

Alco Screen can measure and detect blood alcohol concentrations between 0.02 and 0.30%.

This product is approved and certified by FDA and CLIA.

It’s highly cost-effective and portable; it can be used anywhere in a few simple steps.

That was all about substance detection, especially alcohol. Now, let’s move on to our next section about pregnancy tests.

Pregnancy is a period when an unborn baby is developing in the mother’s uterus and takes up to 9 months to be developed fully. The early signs of getting pregnant could include missed menstruation. But if there is suspicion of pregnancy, one can take a clinical physical test or home test. Here, we will focus on the latter, and there is an excellent tool for that– The Allsource HCG Pregnancy Test Kit.

What is AllSource Pregnancy Testing?

Allsource is an FDA and CLIA-approved pregnancy test cassette that can detect and confirm the state of pregnancy (or not) with 99% accuracy. It can produce reliable results within 5 minutes of testing compared to 24-48 hours of a lab.

The Allsource HCG Pregnancy Test Kit can effectively detect and measure Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) at all levels, confirming if the woman is pregnant or not.

It’s a budget product that goes easy on one’s pocket and provides a shelf life of 18-24 months for greater flexibility in pregnancy testing.

We went through two of the most effective and popular rapid testing kits used for different purposes. In such a fast-paced world, everyone wants flexible and simple solutions that make things easier for them, and these two products can deliver the desired results with high reliability.